"I don't even know if my business is profitable."​



I've heard statements like this many times....


"How do I know when I can quit my job?"

"I don't even know if my business is profitable."


"I have no idea what all these numbers mean"



Do you resonate with any of the above?

It's okay if you do.  


Over the years I've noticed that a lot of online sellers start out doing this just to make a few hundred extra bucks a month.  Then their business takes off and they realize they've never actually ran a business before and feel in over their heads a little bit or maybe even a lot.


Well we want to do something about that.  

My friends Kris Loveless, Christie Hertzler, Karl Jacobi and myself have 25+ years of combined experience selling online and we are all now doing this Full Time, but it's because we know our numbers.

And we want to help you know yours so you can plan accordingly and meet your goals.



Here's what you'll Learn

  • How to Set up your Business the Right Way

  • Simple Accounting Systems you can Start Using Right Away

  • What Amazon Reports to pay Attention to

  • What is a P&L Statement and Balance Sheet and Why you Should Care

  • How to Pay yourself First

  • How to Know what's Going Right in your Business

  • How to Know what's Going Wrong in your Business & How to Correct it

  • How to Evaluate ROI

  • How to Know your Margins

  • What a Drip Fund is

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