Legends truly feels like a family!  We want to help you grow your business.

24/7 Coach

Like having a business coach for less than $50 per week!

Proprietary Software

FREE Access to our Industry Leading Sourcing App and More!

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Everything you need to succeed in your business is here.


We call these "Legends Perks"

  • Family

    Legends truly feels like a family!  We want to help you grow your business.

  • 24/7 Coach

    Like having a business coach for less than $50 per week!

  • Proprietary Software

    FREE Access to our Industry Leading Sourcing App and More! 

  • Hours and Hours of Exclusive Content

    Everything you need to succeed in your business is here.

  • Amazon Account Suspension Consultation 

    We have an in-house Amazon account suspension consultant!

  • Accountability Groups

    Need a little extra help to accomplish your goals?  Join a FREE accountability group!

  • Know your Numbers Course

    Is your business profitable?  When can I quit my job?  You'll learn all this and more in this course.

  • Legendary Replen Service

    Legends Members get 80% off our Replen Find Service!

  • Q4 Success Group

    Legends Members get FREE Access to our popular Q4 Success Group!

  • Account Management Service

    Amazon owes you money!  Get a discount for our Account Management Service

  • Prep Center Discounts

    Legends Members get discounts from various prep centers.

  • Bookkeeping/

    Accountant Service Discounts

    Get your books in order and get a discount at the same time.

  • How to Sell on Walmart Course

    FREE Access to the "How to Sell on Walmart" Course

  • Online Arbitrage Deals

    We have VAs that post deals for our members in Whatsapp.

  • Legendary VA Service

    Outsource your business by adding a VA to your team.  We will find, train, and hire a VA for you.

  • Product Photography Discount

    Need photos for your private label product or bundle?  Legends members get a discount!

  • Sourcing Agent

    Need a product sourced overseas?  Legends members get a discount!

  • Canada Prep Service

    Want to start selling in Canada?  We can help.

  • Outsourcing Course

    Learn how to outsource your business to expand with FREE access to the "From Busy to Intentional" Outsourcing course.

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  • Amazing, Supportive Family

    Legends is a family!

  • Get your Questions Answered 24/7

    Have a question about growing your business?  We're here to help!

  • Tons of Hours of Recorded Content

    We have more content than you'll ever want to grow through, but we have it laid out so that you can find what you need.

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Facebook is great for fostering community, but is not the best place for storing content.  We've created an additional site for hosting the courses, webinars, and videos we have created.

  • Easy to Find Content Sorted by our Success Path

    To help with overwhelm we have content organized by the stage you are in your business.

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    Yes!  You can search our videos by keywords to find EXACTLY what you're looking for!

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    We have hours of content so get through what you want faster!

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We're all about Success Stories in this community!  Here are just a few below.....

​This is great!! I can’t believe how much I have been missing Walmart just looking at clearance. This will help my business tremendously. Thank you Ryan for doing this!!!


I have been in other groups and this is by far the best!


This group is awesome, I have learned more the last few days than the last 5 months. I greatly appreciate it Danny and Ryan.​


I can’t put into words how excited I am and especially blessed to be in this group!!


I’ve been in probably 8 paid groups this year and Danny and Ryan’s is hands down the best one ever.


Before this group, I was getting so frustrated with RA that I didn’t even want to include it in my business model anymore!  My $/hour was so low and I would always find myself in a race to the bottom as soon as the items went live.  Now, RA is fun again!  I can walk into a store and spend $400 in just an hour or two!  Everyone who helps and participates is so awesome words can’t describe!  Best Training/Coaching/Mentoring Ever!!!


Today as I was finishing up my last shipments before heading out on vacation on Friday, I began to think about how this group has changed my Amazon business for the better. The feeling like I can take a week off and my business still run with better sales numbers than I have ever had before outside of q4 is exciting. Everybody is and always be in a different place in their business and that is ok.  Never in million years did I think that Walmart and Dollar Tree profits would be paying for my bills every month.​


I'm not sure where my wife and I would be without the ... group. We joined in July of 2017 after selling on Amazon for 1.5 years and our sales were starting to become stagnant as it got more and more difficult to find profitable items to sell. We were around the $10,000/month mark at the time when we joined the arbitrage group and learned a better way to source for RA/OA. We immediately tripled our business over the next few months. At the arbitrage group Conference, we discussed the path to quitting my corporate job with Ryan and a few months later, we had hit the point where we felt comfortable for me to quit and be at home to do this full time with my wife. We are currently doing $75k-$80k in non-Q4 months, and will have done around $200k in December of 2018. We employ 4 people part time to prep and ship and 1 person to shop. We expect to be doing over 6 figures per month in 2019.el p

Jimmy and Brittany

Being in this group has impacted my business greatly in many ways but two of those really stand out for me.  It completely opened my eyes to all of the profitable opportunities out there that I never would’ve thought to source before. Reverse sourcing is truly the best way to build a sustainable, profitable business that will continue to be viable as long as I want it to be.


The people that I have met (maybe not in person yet) in this group are truly outstanding. The support, guidance, and friendship that emerges from the arbitrage group is something that truly makes this group stand out from all of the others.


Joining the the Legends group has been the absolute best decision I’ve made for our business. Our business has seen tremendous growth over last year – more than 300%!! And this is the direct result of what I’ve been learning from the the arbitrage group community. Constantly busting milestones that I thought were not possible for me. This is cementing my way of coming home so I can spend more time with my family, rather than punching a clock every day. You’ll never find a more caring, trustworthy and encouraging group. The leadership has a sincere passion for others’ success. Our kids have also been building their own business as well. No need for an allowance now! Thank you so very much!


Risk Free Guarantee

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