How Jimmy and Brittany went from $0 to $100K in Replens! 

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Jimmy and his wife Brittany started selling on Amazon back in December of 2015 and found the Legends group in July of 2017. At the time they were doing $8,000 in sales per month, but since joining Legends their sales have ballooned to over $100,000 in sales per month by using systems and automating the process of selling replenishable products!!


Better than that, they're not chasing clearance items.  They have found a strategy that allows them and their shoppers to go into a store and buy from a simple shopping list.  We call these items replens because they sell over and over again month after month.


Jimmy is going to share the exact strategy that has caused their business to explode in 7 live webinars!  You'll get to interact with Jimmy and ask questions, but don't worry if you can't make the live sessions as they will all be recorded for later viewing.

This content has not been shared before and may not be shared like this again so reserve your spot now.

Plus you'll be entered to win a free coaching call with Jimmy AND 25% of the proceeds of this course will go to Casa del Destino, an orphanage in Guatemala.

Here's what you'll Learn

  • A step by step plan to go from $0 to $100K per month

  • How to have the right mindset to find replens

  • How to keep track of your replens

  • When and how to hire a shopper

  • When to get a warehouse

  • How to use Keepa to evaluate replens

  • How to find 30 replens in 30 days

  • When and how to hire a VA

  • Includes access to Jimmy's standard operating procedures and documents

  • How to manage a team

  • How to have the most efficient workflow

  • How to expand to wholesale and PL replens

  • And much more!

Christie Hertzler

I am so excited for the direction our business is going after learning the RIGHT way to look for replens from Jimmy! We never realized how much money we were leaving behind and now we find replens everywhere. We have a consistent 5 figure business that is stable and takes less time. Thank you, Jimmy!​.”

Karl Jacobi

Using the information that Jimmy covers in building your business with replenishable products has been the sole driver of our success. Previously, our business had the roller coaster effect with the revenue/profit being so inconsistent on a daily basis. In addition, we were CONSTANTLY on the hunt for more products to sell. Using the information that Jimmy illustrates, we’ve been able to build a VERY solid foundation for our business that brings consistency and predictability. With this change, we’ve been able to implement a ton of automation and outsourcing so that I can focus on being the business owner and build additional revenue streams. I haven’t taped a box in over a year, and touched any products in several months. Our goal is to hit 1,000,000 in sales this year, this is over 250% growth from last year.

Jann Schwarz

Adding Replens to our inventory has really helped our Amazon income.  Jimmy Smith’s training has really helped make the search for Replens clearer to me.  His teaching style and strategies really helped me understand a better and simpler way to search for Replens.  He makes it seem so easy.  He is so patient and thorough in his explanations especially when he went through the numbers explaining how having a certain number of Replens will provide you with a certain amount of income each month.  This has helped me plan my goals each month and achieve success.  Overall adding Replens to my inventory has helped me have a much more consistent payout each month outside of the fourth Quarter.

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